Designing usable APIs

The Jetpack Compose Team recently published their public API guidelines, outlining best practices and API design patterns for 3rd party library developers and app developers. These guidelines help to write idiomatic Compose code which can be easily reused and understood by other developers and teams that use one’s code.

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Writing Amazing Tech Specs!

Suppose...’re about to launch a new mobile app that your team has spent months working on. When you try to verify a feature in staging, nothing works as expected. After digging into the problem, you discover that the data the feature was relying on has completely changed.

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Android UIs at Scale: UI Architecture in the Compose world

Android UIs are experiencing a paradigm shift with the advent of Jetpack Compose, and it's necessary for us to prepare for it. As we navigate these weird times for UI development in Android, we need to have a strategy in place to adopt Compose, but how can we embrace Compose, currently in beta, while maintaining our current UI in a good state? How does an architecture that plays nice with Views and Composables look like?

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Threading Made Easy! A Busy Developer’s Guide to Kotlin Coroutines & Flows

Kotlin Coroutines is a powerful threading library for Kotlin, released by JetBrains in 2018. At The New York Times, we recently migrated our core libraries and parts of our News app from RxJava to Kotlin Coroutines. In this talk we’ll share lessons learned and best practices to understand, migrate to, and use Kotlin Coroutines & Flows.

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