Do the Loco-MotionLayout: Building animations with MotionLayout

You’ve heard, seen or witnessed the buzz around MotionLayout. But what does it look like in real life? What are some of its current limitations? How easy is it to use? Are the demos that we’ve seen actually possible? Or is it all a ruse?

In this talk, we’ll use MotionLayout to develop an animation taken straight from a crazy designer’s mock-up. A mock-up that you see and crumble at how long it would typically take you to build it on Android. Throughout this talk, you’ll see some animated goodness and learn some of the fundamentals of how MotionLayout works. You’ll find out what a MotionScene is and how it separates your states and transitions from your layout, how to use click and swipe handling to trigger transitions, how to take advantage of KeyAttributes to tweak animations at certain frames, how to use CustomAttributes to animate certain parts of a View and more!

You will leave this talk armed with the basic knowledge required to start having fun with MotionLayout and creating your own animations. And you’ll realise that the mad animations that your designers give you are now possible!

To never saying “no” to designers again*! 🍻

* Ok, sometimes you’ll still have to say no.

Location: Main Stage Date: July 19, 2019 Time: 9:00 am - 9:45 am Michael Scamell Michael Scamell