Animations : Smooth Criminals

“How did they do that?!!!”
How many times have you been just stunned, STUNNED by the work you see others do in a fully native app? Smooth, layered animations for every transition that work on even $20 phones?
Its not magic and it may not be as difficult or as “mathy” as you might think. “Wow” effects that impress and delight!
We will be covering how to use multiple ways to accomplish a standard set of animations and much slicker more complicated ones using native and external libraries.

From the native side we will cover topics like using animation xml definitions, Material Design AppCompat included tools, moving through Animation Properties, Listeners, View Animators, Animation Sets, even AnimatedVectroDrawables, Morphs, and libraries like Lottie.

I have lived this truth and responsible for the Material transformation and Animation throughout applications for household names and banking organizations for tens of millions of users.

Location: Main Stage Date: July 19, 2018 Time: 10:00 am - 10:20 am Stacy Devino