Gradle isn’t just a Bad Word

Android developers love to curse Gradle; the only time they notice it is when it fails. When your app’s build works correctly you’re focused on your app’s UI and code - not the build. This powerful build system does a lot and Android Studio depends heavily on it.

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Practical networking for Android Developers

This is the first part of this serial "Practical Network for Android Developers" when we are gonna be talking about the Network data layer with a different vision that usually is addressed, cause networking on Android is difficult to work it, with multiples carriers, streaming different and rich contents, and all of this should arrive at our users without missing a single detail.

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Advanced Design Patterns with ConstraintLayout 2.1

ConstraintLayout 2.0 brought many new concepts to your developer's toolbox, specifically around Motion & Animation with MotionLayout. With the 2.1 release, we are expanding the use cases that can be addressed by the library, with new powerful approaches like ViewTransition and new helpers, simplifying how you can handle Motion design and modern design languages.

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