360|Conferences has never existed to make tons of money. That’s not why I started the company and not why I keep doing it.

It is, however, my sole source of income, it’s not a side gig or hobby.

360|Conferences exists to bring people together. To help people grow through learning new things and sharing. To help people break out of their shells. Most importantly 360|Conferences exists to support and encourage our community.

We’re all afraid right now, rightfully so. No one is thinking about conferences four to six months from now when next week feels so uncertain.

Here’s the thing. I can’t be here in four to six months to be there for the community, to help us rally and grow, without your support now.

Conferences don’t leave a lot of money for cushions. Ticket sales and sponsorships selling throughout the year keep me afloat, and that’s not happening right now.

So I need your help. There are two options.

Buy a ticket to 360|AnDev 2020. If you don’t feel comfortable coming in July or we’re unable to do the conference, turn it into your 360|AnDev 2021 ticket. I’ve extended early bird pricing until 4/30.

Not ready or able to commit, but want to support 360|Conferences? Donate whatever you’re able to. Seriously anything helps. I’ll be honest though, I’d rather sell you a ticket than get a handout.

I didn’t get into conferences for fame or recognition. I love seeing the community come together because when we do, awesome stuff happens. I can’t wait to see you all again as soon as possible.


I also encourage you to submit a talk idea, let’s make 2020 amazing!

Get Your Ticket Now!