We’re pretty happy with the schedule!

We’ve got some incredible talks lined up. If you haven’t explored Jetpack Compose, prepare for the firehose! You’ll end day one with everything you need to know to get started, including a codelab walk through. Between day one and day two there will be mentors on slack to help you set up your computer to try Jetpack Compose, so you can play with it a bit before coming back on day two to take your knowledge even further.

No conference is complete without the stuff you be between sessions. That’s why we’ve sprinkled “Attendee Sessions” throughout the schedule so you can take a break from sessions, let your “Zoom fatique” subside in a fun less stressful way.

“Attendee Sessions” are open forums, where up to 20 people at a time can join the session, chat in real-time with each other.

These sessions have an overall theme, but the rest is up to attendees, BarCamp style.


360|AnDev 2020 will be on hopin.to which has proven to be the platform of choice for online events, meetups, etc. We’re really excited to offer 360|AnDev on their platform.

You can add individual sessions to your calendar so you don’t miss anything. Attendees can chat with each other in 5 minute blocks (optional, of course). And if you want to talk about something, not on the schedule, anyone can create their own break out session!

You’ll also be able to thank our incredible sponsors in the “expo” whether sponsors have a video or are just hanging out, you can chat with them learn what they have to offer.

We couldn’t do this without their support!

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