Are you an organizer for your local GDG?

Do you want your group to have two free passes to 360|AnDev to raffle off?

Then you’re on the right page. As part of our efforts to support the android community, we offer each GDG that requests it, two passes to 360|AnDev each year. We don’t care how they’re distributed to members, whether raffle, or award for something, etc. Every year any active GDG that asks, can have 2 passes. We also offer a general discount to groups to share with their members to save 15% off the ticket price for 360|AnDev.

How do you get these passes? Just fill out the contact form below. The Deadline for asking is June 18th.

If you’d like a blurb or any images to use during your meeting to help promote 360|AnDev, by all means, see below 🙂

Blurb: Community-driven events with technically focused content are what 360|Conferences has always stood for. It’s time we bring that to the Android community in the Rocky Mountain Region. 360|AnDev aims to supercharge the already thriving tech and startup culture across the front range. Whether you’re looking to get started, or have been in the ecosystem for years, 360|AnDev offers content to enhance your skills. We’ll even record all the sessions so you can relive the experience!