There’s so much to do in Denver, you should definitely extend your 360|AnDev visit!

This is by no means a complete list, but just a sample of what Denver has to offer.

  • July 28-31, the Underground Music Showcase by the Denver Post takes place. GREAT small venue music shows all over a few square blocks. A short Lyft, or medium walk from the hotel.
  • Mountains. It’s not ski season, but the hiking is awesome, and you can be in the mountains in about an hour and a half
  • Beer. There’s lots of it here. If craft beer is your thing, check out what’s around.
  • Red Rocks. Even if you don’t catch a show here, it’s a beautiful natural amphitheater.
  • Awesome places to eat
    • DuffyRoll – iconic sweet rolls
    • Fresh Craft – fun menu with a wide varity of beers on tap, weekly changing craft cocktail menu
    • Wynkoop Brewery – once owned by the current Governor of Colorado, great beer
    • Illegal Petes – Big Burritos ala some of your more well known… but the difference here is that they support local and touring musicians have a record label and are probably the nicest guys around… here is there current schedule for July events 
    • Eculid Hall – beer hall and dining in a long time Denver Historic Building. One of Denver’s premier chefs is partner in the restaurant along with Rioja, Bistro Vendome that are also in the area.
  • Places to (mostly) just drink
    • Union Station and Terminal Bar – Denver’s rail station is reinvigorated into a hotel space, restauarant hub and open space.  Mercantile is a great place for breakfast and there is a Snooze in the building (long waits for pancakes…. but fancy and delicious pancakes)
    • Marios Double Daughters Salotto – a funky bar based on a story… ecclictic atmosphere and drink menus… goth nights and comedy nights sometimes thrown in the mix through the week… if you get hungry you can get a slice of pizza at Marios Two Fisted Pizza right next door (until late in the evening/morning)
  • Places to Shop
    • Pavillions – national retailers with some small local stores, dining and movies are also available
    • Tattered Cover – bookstore (not as great as she used to be, it’s only one floor now but they have a VERY diverse magazine selection)
    • Rockmount – home of the original western snap shirt… pricey but a peice of nostalgia and long wearing

Hat tip to Mike for an awesome post on things to do