2020 Merch

What a year… Sadly given the costs involved and our reduced ticket prices, merch isn’t an option. Just the logistics and shipping costs would likely kill us. However, if you want to make sure you get a conference shirt, because, let’s be honest who doesn’t?! Don’t break the streak! We have your back… and your […]

2020 – Pay What You Can

Let’s be honest, 2020 has mostly been a nightmare. Our community isn’t immune to the challenges and struggles that this pandemic has caused. We want to help. If we could, we’d make 360|AnDev 2020 free for everyone. Unlike most conferences that are backed by consulting or product business, our only income comes from events. We’re […]

Almost the Venue announcement!

This is it! The reveal of our venue and plan for 360|AnDev 2018! I don’t know if you’ve been holding your breath, but we have! The Plan: Easy, deliver an amazing event for the Android community! How: We’re moving 360|AnDev to a single track format with two talk lengths; our regular 45-minute talks, plus shorter […]

Announcing our keynote speakers

  We’re super stoked to announce, that Google’s Chet Haase and Romain Guy will be teaming up to kick off 360|AnDev! Chet and Romain will be kicking off day one of 360|AnDev! But there’s more! So much more! Day two starts with an awesome keynote as well, from Kelly Shuster! We’ll have more info to share in the coming […]