Deadline for Submissions is Friday, April 23rd, 2021.

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Google I/O is May 18-20

Conference dates: July 22 – 23, 2021.

Session length: 30 minutes. Since we will be online only this year, speakers can either deliver the talk live or pre-record the talk. In both cases, please be available during the conference to interact with attendees.

Android has grown from a humble mobile operating system into a ubiquitous platform connecting many kinds of user devices across the world. In this rapidly changing ecosystem, 360|AnDev is a community gathering committed to keeping developers informed of the latest trends in the Android platform.


360|AnDev is looking for people from the Android community to share your skills, passion, and experience with other Android developers and enthusiasts. Are you…

  • developing Android applications
  • designing Android applications
  • building Android-connected hardware
  • integrating Android into embedded devices
  • using Android in education and/or research

…then we want to hear from you!

Suggested Topics

Getting Started

360|AnDev will feature a special track for budding Android developers, and we are looking for speakers to teach sessions targeted at the core skills of Android development. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be an expert to teach. In fact, for fundamental classes like these, it is often best to hear from someone who has just learned it. They know the pain points and highlight details which may seem obvious to experts:

  • Intent Fundamentals
  • Fragments
  • Layouts
  • Supporting multiple devices
  • Internet and background threads
  • Persistent Storage
  • Build Tools: Android Studio, Gradle and more
  • Useful Libraries
  • Android Best Practices, a.k.a. “Things I wish I knew when I first started developing for Android”

Expanding Horizons

We want to make sure we take care of experienced developers as well. If you’ve tackled a complex problem lately, we want you to share your solution at 360|AnDev!

Feel like submitting, but can’t think of a topic? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • User Interface: Custom Views, Animations, Navigation, etc.
  • Android Support Libraries
  • Material Design
  • Permissions and Security
  • App Architecture
  • Testing
  • Accessibility
  • Continuous Integration
  • Benchmarking Tools
  • Google Cast and Nearby APIs
  • Android TV, Wear, and Auto
  • IoT Devices and Platforms
  • Android for Work and the Enterprise
  • Game Development and Augmented Reality

Beyond Code

It takes more than code to make a good app. We want to hear about everything that goes into creating good apps, and also creating a good environment to create good apps. For instance:

  • Code review best practices
  • Collaborative techniques between design and dev
  • Onboarding new team members
  • Effective remote culture

In case it is not obvious, these are not exhaustive lists. We welcome all topics!

Submission Guidelines

Please submit as many proposals as you like, but we will only select a single proposal per speaker.

The Community Review Panel will use the following selection criteria when voting on submissions:

    • Technical – Does the content have technical substance?
    • Relevant – Would the topic be interesting to a group of Android developers?
  • Right now we’re looking for 30-minute talks but will work with accepted speakers once we determine session length.

For intermediate and advanced level talks, they will also look into:

    • Fresh – Is the information covered new or a new approach to a common problem?
    • Immersive – Does the proposal cover many aspects of the topic in-depth?

Since everything is online and travel and lodging aren’t factors, we’re offering an honorarium for all selected speakers.

For more information, please watch our Q&A Hangout. (You can also watch the ones from 2018, 2017 and 2016)

Ok, you’re here to submit a session idea, so let’s get to it! Submit here!