We’re not gonna lie, conferences are expensive to organize.

If you were at 2017’s event you know we didn’t make any money, in fact, we lost some. Losing money is never good, it makes having an annual conference that much harder to do.

Chiu-Ki, Dave and I thought about it and decided that there should be a way for everyone to support the conference, whether they attend in person or not. This community is bigger than the 200 people who come to Denver each summer.

So we’ve created a Patreon page for 360|AnDev. You can read more about the ‘why’ in our welcome blurb.

The idea is that there are a lot of people in our community who can’t or don’t attend the conference, but enjoy the session videos, and wouldn’t mind getting some swag.

We want to make it easy, and kinda cool and fun, to support 360|AnDev.

For those who can attend, it’s a way to help ensure the conference every year is awesome and can continue to cover speaker travel, offer inclusivity scholarships and more.

Whether you decide to become a patron or not, you rock and we hope to see you next year!