But not in a lawnmower man kind of way, promise.

Is it possible to take a mulligan on an entire year? If so I’m pretty sure we’re all in agreement that it’s 2020.

Dave, Chiu-Ki and I have been talking a lot about 360|AnDev 2020. We had set the first of May as our decision point, and here we are, decision made.

360|AnDev 2020, will be entirely online.

We’re pretty excited actually. This opens a bunch of new and different doors. While it’s a major bummer we won’t get to see our friends from around the globe here in Denver while we enjoy food truck food and Denver summer; going virtual allows us to welcome speakers who might not like to travel or have the means, or had schedule conflicts etc.

The CFP has been kept open until May 8th. Once closed we’ll work with selected speakers to figure out session lengths and arrangements. We don’t plan to make virtual 360|AnDev just a mirror of its real world version. We don’t think keeping you at your desk, couch, porch for 8+ hours makes any sense. Plus it’s hard and draining to focus for that long.

While we will be keeping our originally planned dates, we’ll be starting a little later in the morning and breaking up the day to (we hope) be a bit friendlier to other time zones.

This is an exciting experiment and we hope you’ll support us in it.


John, Chiu-Ki & Dave